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Welcome to Top London Escorts FAQ page, this has been put together to help ensure you get the answers you need to some of our most asked questions. Not everyone has booked a London escort before and can find it hard to find answers for the questions they may have. We have worked hard to ensure that this F.A.Q page has all of the information potential clients may have about booking an evening with one of our companions.

If you do not see an answer to your question below then feel free to get in touch with us over on our contact page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Q. How do I book an escort?

A. To make a booking with us its a rather simple process. The first step is for you to pick which one of our stunning cheap London escorts you want to book an evening with. Now we do say that you should pick more than one companion mainly because your desired companion may not be available during you desired time. 

Once you have picked the perfect girl for you then its time to make your booking. To do this call us on 0203 744 9494 we are open 23 hours a day 7 days a week so there will always be someone here to take your call. 


Q. Can I see the girl in her apartment?

A. Sadly No, Currently we are an outcall only service so if you want to meet one of our girls then they will have to either come to your home or hotel. 


Q. Which areas do you cover?

A. Here at Top London Escorts, we offer bookings across all of London including the Central and Greater London area. As well as offering our bookings to London we also offer bookings in the following counties: Berkshire, Hertfordshire, and Surrey. To see a full list of locations that we offer bookings in then head on over to our Locations page.


Q. Can I talk to an escort before booking her?

A. Yes, before any booking happens we get your desired companion to give you a call so you can speak to your companion over the phone first so you get to know her before you booking happens.


Q. What are your prices?

A. Our standard rate is £110/£120 (depending on your area) for the first hour. If you’d like the escort to stay longer after your time has finished it will be £100 for each additional hour or £50 for each additional half hour. For some areas, we would require a minimum booking time of 1.5 hours (£150/160) or 2 hours (£200/210). Just call us to find out the details for your area

     Booking      Price

     1 Hour


     1.5 Hours


     2 Hours



Q. How can I pay?

A. We accept cash in Sterling, Euros or Dollars. If the escort is visiting you at home you can also pay by cheque if you have a cheque guarantee card. We can’t yet accept credit cards.


Q. When do I pay?

A. After your chosen escort arrives you will have a chat for a few minutes before deciding how long you’d like to spend with her. Once you have decided your can pay her the amount due and then enjoy your time with her.


Q. What if I don’t like the escort who arrives?

A. This is very rare as the reception staff are good at listening to the type of girl you want and then sending an escort who matches your preferences. However, if you do decide that you don’t want to spend any time with the girl who arrives a standard cancellation fee of £60 will be payable.


Q. I’m a single male, can I book more than one girl?

A. Yes, many of our girls are happy to go on duo jobs, just check their profiles to see who can do it.


Q. Do any of the girls see couples?

A. Yes, just read through the profiles and you’ll see which girls are happy to visit couples.


Q. I am a single female, can I book an escort?

A. Yes, again, just check each profile to see which of our sexy escorts can see you.


Q. How long will it take for my escort to arrive?

A. Typically we can get a girl to you in 30 minutes. Of course, some locations will take longer. We’ll give you an accurate estimation when you call and keep you updated while she’s on the way if needed.