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10 December 2014

Women find what more attractive?

A new study at the University of Wales Institute, Cardiff shows that women can increase their opinion of how attractive a man is depending on what other women around them think.

Dr Michael Dunn of the department of psychology said “In some animal species, females have been shown to be influenced by, or indeed to copy, the mating decisions of other females within that species. Our aim was to establish if such ‘mate-copying’ tendencies existed in human females.”

A study was created in which female test subjects were asked to rate the attractiveness of a male model. Sometimes the women were alone and sometimes they were with a group of other women. Unknown to the test subjects the group had been instructed to display attraction to the man by directing a flirtatious gaze at him.

Dunn says the scores for the man were much higher in the group situation compared to when a woman rated him on her own.

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